Exiled is now a god

What were you doing before bug occurred: Fighting Exiled

Steps to reproduce: No clue

F9 Logs ( press f9 to view them in-game):

Pictures/Videos: https://streamable.com/ptdd54
He’s doing like 331 damage per raging storm slash, 215 per melee slash, has an incredible aggro range, and like 200 ish damage per sword throw.

What type of Strength enchantments does the Exiled have

He also has 51,000 max health. Imma try to kill him but I don’t think I can.

Someone probably kept rejoining to see how strong they could get exiled, or maybe multiple people attempted to fight him and failed.

5000 health left.


Does this qualify as the hardest boss fight in WoM history?

probably. Did you get a screenshot of his corpse?

No it vanished a second after he died.

do you have a pictur of his health bar?

Neither. But it was at 51000 when I was fighting him, and at the end when he reached around 900 hp some other dude jumped in and caused his max healthbar to go up to 52500. After that I killed exiled. Didn’t get anything either.

Also I’m going to mention that when I started he wasn’t at full health, but rather at around 40,000.

without photogrphic evidence, wont help people believe lol. Anyways, @Meta please close this, its not a bug.