Experimental Insanity Revamp

Experimental Insanity Revamp
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Experimental Insanity Revamp

Instead of Insanity instantly changing based on the zone/layer you’re at, it would instead scale depending on where you are, with the main difference being that it’d always start at 0% (Being no Insanity); this allows for a smoother transition into worse stages for Dark Sea exploration and cursed islands exploration as Insanity would get worse only if you stay there for an extended amount of time (would cap out for non-Dark Sea islands).


The Dark Sea would have a passive Insanity gain, with Layer 0 to 2 with a mild Insanity gain, Layer 3 to 4 with an increased Insanity gain and Layer 5 and 6 with an elevated Insanity gain.

Warding would slow the scaling and occasionally prevent Insanity effects from happening as usual, however, there’d be no way to completely stop it unless you’re in special islands that combat the Dark Sea’s effect.

Atlantean essence would essentially make you always start at a specific Insanity %, whilst being unable to go down that value.

Areas would still matter, so for example the Akursius Keep’s secret area would ramp up your Insanity to 5 almost instantly; while the island itself would give you a passive Insanity gain that would cap out at the current Insanity 2.

The ‘bar’ itself would be invisible to the player’s eye, as to not clutter the player with more bars to look out for, but there would still be notifications as usual.

Insanity Currently

Insanity should feel like “hey, this is annoying, but also a little spooky” instead of “this is annoying” (and sometimes hurts my eyes too), so here’s what could be changed:

  • Insanity 1 would remain the same as it does its job just fine.
  • Insanity 2 would:
    • Have the FoV effect be removed whilst keeping just the head clutching (Perhaps replacing it with a mild slow/forcing to walk?) as the FoV can be cause of nausea and/or health issues.
    • Have the sudden burst of purple flames be removed as it’s VERY INTRUSIVE.
    • Have the fully blinding effect be removed as it can be a cause of health issues.
  • Insanity 3 would:
    • Have the falling to the ground effect be removed or reworked in some way as it’s annoying, but still keep the large blood puddles; the replacement could some visible animation of the character limping with red eyes and have the mouth drool/be open.

New Effects

Insanity 2:

  • Faces of players start becoming blurred, unsure if this should be an effect that lasts for as long as you have Insanity 2+.

  • If you’re Ruthless, you could start seeing messages from bosses whom you have killed, and the format would be the following:

    • Lord Elius?: My blood will forever stain your soul, and you will never be able to forgive yourself.
  • If you’re Merciful, you could start seeing messages from characters whom you’ve got close to, and the format would be the following:

    • Iris?: Did we do the right thing by killing Calvus, or are we no better than he was?
  • Shadow creatures start becoming visible, but won’t attack you yet.

Insanity 3:

  • On top of faces being blurred, so are their names and sometimes the leaderboard would also become affected by it.

  • Your resource bars would start giving inaccurate numbers, worsening at Insanity 4.

  • The shadow creatures now attack you, but their numbers are few.

Insanity 4:

  • The shadow creatures now spawn more frequently, but not enough to overwhelm the player.

  • Insanity 4 will no longer damage the player due to the shadow creatures being added.

Insanity 5:

  • Would transform the player into a shadow creature on death.

Creatures from the other Plane

Heavily inspiered by Don’t Starve’s Sanity mechanic, there would now be creatures that would start barely spawning at Insanity 2, start attacking you at Insanity 3, and spawn more frequently at Insanity 4; all of this to make Insanity more interactive than just effects, and maybe even something the player might wish to often experience.


Faceless figures with no legs and huge claws/fangs that slowly crawl towards the player attempting to tear them apart; they would deal low damage but high bleeding damage.


Creatures whose only purpose is to stare at you, they might raise your Insanity by a VERY miniscule amount and will disappear if approached, attacked or if you go too far away from them. Maybe they could act as flares? (See bots in Helldivers 2)


Creatures that latch on you and slowly start stealing your MAX health, they’re very fragile and will always die from one hit.
You can get your max health back by killing them.


Tentacles that arise from deep within the sea to attack your ship, your crew may attack them with ship attachments to prevent them from damaging your ship, for lore reasons they could be one of the very few creatures visible to non-insane persons so that they can be attacked.

The Eidolon [Elite]

Chained humanoid with red, glowing, eyes; has claws and appears badly injured; it was sentenced for its crimes and was subjected to experimentation that caused its body to enter an unknown state of existence.

This creature exists between planes, meaning that non-insane users will be able to see it, but not attack it.
Once triggered, you will have to either run away or dish as much damage as you possibly can before it lunges at you, dealing weak damage in very quick successions.

If defeated, it shrieks one last time and buffs you with [Hunter’s Fear], a buff that weakens non-Elite shadows.

Rewards & Misc

Defeating the normal creatures would make the player slightly more sane and have them sometimes drop reagents related to Insanity, like dark sea diamonds.

Some of them would also drop weapons, and would also have a drop that could be used later in the game to make tools/weapons/equipment.

Warding could ‘imbue’ your attacks with an aura that inflicts a DoT to shadow creatures, and its strength would depend on the tier of Warding.

NPCs inflicted with Insanity could have slower speed, less agility and higher cooldowns.


I do like what I have heard. However I think it would have helped greatly understanding your vision if you had reference material for the shadow demons (like mock-up designs)

Honestly, almost anything is better than the insanity we have now.

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“Uhh why are you taking tick damage? You got water poisoning?”
“idk wut ur talking abt m8 my hp is fine, also why cant i use my heal pots i dont have heal exhaustion”
“You used your last one five minutes ago-”
“no i dident i still have one”
Bad Grammar Guy was lost to the Dark Sea

im getting undertale fangame vibes where those red attacks always decrease your max health instead of current health

hell yeah theurgist rapier go!


wasnt there this one suggestion where it actually gives you the feeling of going insane (eg: friendly fire, not seeing chat messages and so on)?

Personally, I think insanity should make the PLAYER unsure of what’s happening. Fake enemies, particles which obscure vision, messing with the values of their HP, stamina, and energy, seemingly real trade requests, etc.

I feel like it would be best if warding could drive back insanity a bit rather than just slow it down.

The way this is written makes it seem like you’re on a time limit the second you enter the dark sea before you inevitably hit insanity 5 and keel over dead.

I love the idea that going insane straight up opens you up to attacks from very real creatures that simply exist on another plane.


Would be extremely funny if you hallucinated the magic circle symbols changing to an eye, too.


me personally i don’t find Insanity to add any kind of “spooky”
it is just annoying to the point of me never using insanity items
(mind you the thing i like to do the most is diving and the mood of the darksea)

if you want to make the game more “spooky” there needs more stuff and more build up to really add to the feeling of the unknown

Example: Atlanteans ships added much more to the horror then everything else because YOU KNOW IT’S COMING it’s only a matter of when and that unknown is the best kind of horror

(i have to give it to the sirens but meh you can just not do them so it kind of moot forcing you to attack them or get insanity would be neat way of forcing horror)

(Atlanteans just standing around loot doesn’t give good horror have them come out of the ground when you open chests near them so you never know if a chest is safe or not more dead space less every zombie game ever)

Insanity as a stat and as a dark sea mechanic really should be spilt up
with dark sea insanity spawning more enemies/Creatures and the stat insanity causing the visual effects

(also also insanity should cause your movement(not-WASD but dash and T jumps) and attack buttons to change when (ONLY) in combat and just remove the visual effects because massive overlap with light and other blinding effects)

forum admin cooked

this is cool af, would hunters fear be permanent?

Since this is just an idea I came up with, I can’t really come up with a value, but if I had to give you a number it’d be at least 20 to 30 minutes given the rarity/difficulty of the enemy I’ve envisioned

dang it dawg i thought it would be a permanent buff attached to your character like dodge reflex or the dragonblood thing

Who knows, should the idea be accepted then it could always be changed during the development phase of it

hell yeah, insanity shouldn’t be a hinderance but rather an obstacle, big difference between those two that most game devs won’t notice

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The Don’t Starve mechanic was a really good idea!! Also, i love how you tied the character’s morality with the insanity effect, it makes so much sense!

“Wdym bro killing you was the highlight of my adventure so far”

-my poison mage probably