Explain: What's the gist of the Guild wipe and this "mirag" person? Please be honest and respectful. No hate to mirag or anybody else

Hi, I’m a bit new to this forum and I’ve recently heard about this drama here. I’m currently in the VC and I’m a bit lost. I’d like to know a bit more and I might be speaking on behalf of some people.


The mirag thing is in the discord, not here. Also guilds will get wiped and restarted and Vetex claims to have a more better version of ways to get infamy.

basically current guilds are getting snapped on ao cause of the mass amount of bugs theyre facing in wom. mirag found out and malded really hard

Mirag was a SunCry member. He had gained 1.3K infamy for SunCry.

That’s an oof

:pray: Understandable why he malded but he shouldn’t have malded this hard considering he gained infamy mostly when you could kill level 45s for infamy

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mir ag these nuts lmao

Yeah, that seems to be what I think too. It’s unfortunate, but crying won’t do much. Vetex is the ultimate guy around here and what he says goes. If unfair stuff happens, then the community will leave but I don’t see that happening.

stop lying when you dont know shit, I gained roughly 400 infamy at that time while I have about 1300-1500 infamy right now

Your profile picture.

You better not be Pip_Zog.