Explosion magic

what are the best builds and gear for explosion magic users so we can explode the world of magic together

From my limited knowledge, it’s size

I use magic size hybrid. I use 860 build and I go for more magic size over power. I use a bursting sunken chestplate.

Buff explosion it’s mediocre in all stats accept for one that barely changes gameplay :pensive:

Explosion is fine as is. I’d say nerf water and shadow a bit to make everything more equal.

full power :sunglasses:

spoken like a true man of culture

and how do you acquire this stuff? add me (mrvman001) if you can help me ingame

Personaly i uses hybrid build:

Hard def amulet
Wizard set + power amuler (strong)

I was an explosion main and yes this is the perfect gear to use with explosion

don’t use magic size since explosion already has high magic size and focus on power and defense and experiment with magic speed if you want.