Fame and infamy. For those who want to go to the top, but in a peaceful way

Fame is an alternative to infamy, obtained in various peaceful ways. People have long wanted to get infamy without killing players. All guilds want to grow, but not all can. It is not possible to expand the guild without this now, and there are many accomplices who are engaged in peaceful activities. So far, I do not know what they would give them famy for, except for the grind, but this would give an opportunity to develop a guild without killing people and move up the leaderboard, thereby large communities will be able to declare themselves. Well, it is also necessary to introduce restrictions on obtaining fame for each peaceful occupation (To get the maximum, you need to engage in each type of peaceful activity). I would also come up with ideas for this idea, but I’m too lazy (Consider that this is not a suggestion, because such messages are deleted, so this is just a message to get feedback from people who appreciated my idea)

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pretty sure you can earn infamy in a peaceful manner in AO via alternative means; island capturing and all, which renders the separate “fame” stat useless



If a non-competitive way of obtaining a form of infamy was to get added, it should definitely be separate from infamy and be way easier to lose.


who asked island capturing exists

with the requirements to get infamy from island capturing, i doubt it will be a viable method to get your guild to lb
youll need to kill players as well

is stupid idea.

just play the game bro why you so insecure about your image in a game

why even join a guild

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