Favors and Bounty

Favors and Bounty
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Being a criminal player is pretty hard as the game is right now. Constant hunting by players and Navy alike, for almost nothing. A measly 5 galleon chest every once and a while, and the ability to cargo trade easier. For the endless deaths and hunts you endure, I would think you would be compensated better, so I have a suggestion that hopefully helps that.

Details/background on your proposal

Favors are a special currency unlocked via a couple of ways, although none work until you are level 15 or above.
a. Completing contracts on players within 5 levels of you, or npcs more than 20 levels above you
b. Completing criminal quests(once they’re added) that are at or above your level
c. Stopping executions
d. Having 5 notoriety for more than 5 minutes(intimidation or something)
You could trade favors for special weapons and items at any criminal shop. Some ideas I had for favor rewards are:

  • 500 galleons - money - one favor
  • 100 smoke arrows - no more chest farming- one favor
  • Mistballs - Classified as cannon ammunition, but instead of firing it, crewmates merely drop it in the water, launching them in the opposite direction as your speed, exploding after a couple of seconds, leaving a large cloud of mist and dealing 200 damage each. NPCs cannot locate you in the mist and instead sail to your last seen location and then just straight forward until they find you again - 50 for one favor
  • Spikeshot - Fires similar to grapeshot but leaves floating caltrops that slow pursuing boats - 80 for one favor
  • Light Wood Framing - Increases resistance, turn speed, and just general speed, only provides 500 defense however - 3 favors
  • Light Wood Hull - Same as framing but better - 6 favors - Minimum 50,000 bounty
  • Disguise - Allows you to interact with shopkeepers while you have zero notoriety, permanent upgrade - 15 favors - Minimum 100,000 bounty
    All items except disguises can be traded. Additionally, items would go out of stock after more than 3+(your bounty divided by 5,000) favors are spent on them, restocking after 30 minutes.

Reason to add/change

Provides a real incentive to go evil. Even though these will flood the market the moment they’re added, it’s likely they’ll be overinflated due to good reps being desperate for them, making a couple consider at least having a bad file on them.
At the very least, the bad reps will be much much richer
Some problems I can see happening:

  • Bad reps become too powerful
  • Trade market becomes filled with so many that it’s not worth going bad
  • People spamming level 25 accounts to get easy favors

interesting idea

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anyone have any feedback on it?

None here, I like this idea and think being a villain needs to be compensated much better currently

honestly an opposite system(although heavily nerfed) could maybe work for fame players since deckhands are kinda high requirment

like the idea of compensation for being a criminal, not too sure about the execution here.
to be fair, the game is very small, but being an assassin / bounty player only takes away from the game in this state. you lose access to all town shops, various services (dyeing), and get constantly hunted by powerful NPCs.

I think 500 galleons is a bit much, the cannonballs seem a bit gimmicky, but the framing and disguise are decent ideas. Should also be a cap on “Favors” that rises with rank

alright, ill take some of that in mind

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doesn’t let me edit for some werid reason

anyone have any extra ideas to add on

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