Featuring: Me! (iz 'bout me)

Hello my fellow mages!

Unneeded short backstory

Ive been developing game’s since 2015!( I think). Originally seeing ryan’s game Arcane Adventures, was what really sparked my interest in Magic. At the time, I was on a break in developing and vet’s game really inspired me to start making my own. However, I lacked the skills and to solo dev my own game by myself felt near impossible. Before I was using studio tools and using lacking models, so instead of actually getting off my ass and learning how to build or model. I didnt :fr:. I hired others to do it for me :nod:. I just play wom because im horny its a fun game overall. And it’s funni. lol maid gang


If you know me from other game’s or from other groups, you’ll know that I am a devoted gamer >_>. I like exploring other people’s creations and learning from them. I feel as though everyone - no matter the skill- has something to teach us.

I recently jumped back into developing after doing commission work and closed projects - seeing that my skill is improving. And so I’m back!

Are you horny?

A very complex question -