File Deleted and Copied

So, my third file got apparently deleted and replaced by my first file. Happen to anyone else?

I had just gotten my Plasma to max so I was going to work on my third file, so as I rejoined the game I was met with two Earth files instead of my Ash being on my 3rd file.

No not me, but ugh… I guess you got two files now

im scared to ever play the game bevause of this i look at my computer from the corner of my room and i start screaming

Exploiter has been exposed, reasons: copying files

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cabt believe he came here to gloat about it too…world in shambles

Let’s not assume stupid things for the sake of being stupid

this sister guy is mal 2.0 just ignore what he said

he probably will reply to this post something like “mal means bad in whatever language, y u colled m3 mal?” just proving more that he is just another troll account

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Apparently this has happened to some other people too, glad I’m not the only one at least.

yea it happened to a friend of mine too i think he also got his third file copied to the first file.

It’s a known bug, not an exploit.

Happened to me too, the best way you could deal with this situation is to take all the items from the duplicated account, transfer it to a friend or alt account, then level up your 3rd slot with what magic you want and give the items that were duplicated to it, so you don’t have to farm items.

I am female

So I’ll have to start over? What if it happens again?

Yes you’ll have to level up the account again, there’s no way avoiding that, but at least you’ll have items to give that account if you followed what I said. If it happens again then you’ll have repeat the process again since there are no restores being given out. But in the future the problem may be fixed so be hopeful.

how does this even happen in the first place

Happened to someone I know. He was playing on 1.1.1 server because of better sunken armour chances (the newest servers had 1/4000 and 1.1.1 had 1/2000).