Finally after some fishing

I got it


la hard sunken

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i mean its something


Ik could have been better

Trying to get next one

it’s not too bad it’ll turn into a clean sunken or bursting one when ao converts enchants and the like


good job.

Nice now I can use it with snow and freeze people

if this happened i would be pissed

Oh yea I understand



Atleast you caught a hard ss. I caught a fucking forceful chest piece :skull:

L fisher deserved jajaja

trading npc… :bed: :zzz:

fisher npc :sleeper:

Hard straight from the bag, I mean at least it saved you a bit of enchantment heartbreak

Wait is hard being removed from weapon enchants? Are all weapons being unenchanted on release? Or are weapon enchants removed?
This info is new to me.

hard enchant has been long removed in weps and been changed to bursting making weps have longer length