Finally we Guildless are FREE!

Not sure if this belongs here but finally we guildless will no longer be preyed on!! image




i’m sorta guildless i just have a guild for the sake of dealing damage to bigger guilds

its a semi-solo guild anyway

Then I start wondering if I should disband my guild bank or no

Y e S!

no more living in fear of getting ganked cuz “muh infamy”

I mean ganking will still happen but it will be less rampant now

whatever guild you defeat loses 5 infamy tho

me when I can’t farm level 45s for internet points :frcryin:


it’s like painting a target on your back, but you have a gun

cool. i shouldnt have to deal with guilds if i dont wanna do guild stuff

Bold of you to assume I can defend myself

:poggerfish: yes finally

Finally. I was starting to get tired of all the mouth breathers trying to fight me every time I finish a boss, or fish for more than 2 minutes :frcryin:. I’m pretty sure my kill count has doubled in the last week

shut up and join a guild :slightly_smiling_face: