Find tropes that describe some or all of your AO Characters

Pretty simple.
Go to
and find tropes that you’ve implemented into the characters that you’ve made, wether intentional or not.

is one of your characters very skilled in their field but still at a young age and has next to no real experience? perhaps you can apply the “Skilled but Naive” trope to them:

was one of your WoM characters dead-set on destroying the Magic Council (or whatever the fuck it was called before it got changed)? then perhaps you can apply the “bomb-throwing anarchist” trope to them:

maybe the character you wanna talk about is just… you. (which is lame but I see why you would do it), then they might be applicable for the “self insert” trope.
Self-Insert Fic - TV Tropes (dunno why there wasn’t a page just for self inserts. i guess this will do.)

I mean, characters have multiple tropes running at once with them. So i’d honestly encourage you to put as much tropes as you can to describe your characters.

no. my trope is gonna be a normal person. i don’t want extras in it

Does that include RP characters or no, or just files

RP characters are included if you insist

all 15 of my save files are canonically tsunderes



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bomb throwing anarchist is the worst trope in the universe. post left anarchists making us social anarchists look bad

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