Fish Slap Weapon

(Does this belong here? Eh, can’t think of anything else)

Imagine if we could fish a type of massive fish that acted like a bludgeoning weapon we could slap people to death with lol.

I really want whatever you are smoking rn

Pass the magic grass stick bud

I want to murder people using fishing rods :nod:

ask the fish wizard

something fishy is going on here

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This was actually brought up before, I’m pretty sure in the early days :joy:

Still sounds kind of funny

feeesh time


Asterix on a nutshell

yes, that would be amazing lol, and i mean, it already exists in some other games so why not FISH

it could be the first knockback weapon
it would be funny, i think

All it’ll do when held is just flop in your hand
and then you slap people with it

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It’s, Perfect

now let’s see if forum can come up with some interesting weapon skills for this weapon

Basic Attack: The User Swings the fish like a baseball bat, dealing a base of 30 DMG while multiplying the knockback of the user by X1.2 with a windup time of about 0.75

THE FISH: When activated, the fish enlarges until it’s about the size of a normal tree, while this ability is active, the fish has increased range and knockback. Duration is 10 seconds while the cooldown is 30 seconds

here’s the secret

its just a rising tide reskin

ive been summoned?

holy mackerel :poggers2:

How about a shark as a weapon that flings you every time you use it.