Fishe got suspended from Wednesday ~10PM Midwestern Standard time to Friday, 8AM Midwestern Standard time. talk about it before I close it

2 day ban for saying skill issue ez. Can’t have shit on the forums

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do it now do it now

wait cant u do that already?

he said skill issue ez on a topic that addresses a forumer contracting covid???


a one day ban.

Level im going kill you if u end Closing my topic

9% of everyone in the US have contracted COVID.
Saying “skill issue ez” isn’t gonna kill him, nor did the guy who actually got COVID make a big deal out of it, only the white knights here to save the day!

Why are you leaving out important pieces of information to make him look better? This is not a rhetorical question. Why are you trying to downplay his actions?

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that’s still really insensitive though

I know i’m a huge piece of shit but i have my fucking limits

BRO HOW THE FUCK AM I “downplaying” someone saying “skill issue ez” and then those same people celebrating about fat fishe’s suspension begin to spam “skill issue” on a post discussing how everyone on the forums is a snowflake.

You’re trying to defend someone being an absolute douchebag.
I swear, you’re some crony of Fishe, or you’re really, really lacking of empathy.


No it’s just that I really don’t get why everyone is white knighting about someone saying “skill issue ez.” Do you legitimately think the guy who got COVID in that post was seriously offended by it?

Hold up guys, I’m gonna tell a person who’s family died in the recent Indonesian plane crash incident to go kill himself and then tell him that people die all the time and me saying that isn’t a big deal when he asks me why.

This isn’t about whether you saying it will have any physical effect or not. This is about whether you’re gonna choose to be a normal human and just keep these things to yourself or be something I don’t have the sufficient vocabulary to describe by demanding that you have the right to say anything you want (and at for no real personal gain might I add) and others have no right to be unhappy with your actions.

I don’t have a specific person that I’m targeting with this. But if any of you are reading this, you know who you are.


No it offends us.

Saying that it doesn’t matter because 9% of people in the US have had coronavirus is like saying it’s ok to reply “skill issue” to a post about someone’s grandmother dying because everyone experiences the death of a loved one at some point

Bro where in your brain are you correlating a 1/11,000,000 event of telling someone to kill themselves to someone saying “skill issue ez” to a 1/10 event.

the funny post has been ruined . . .

why are you even correlating it, those numbers are still easily big enough to matter, and where the hell did you get

Thank you level, post gonna Fucking die

“Skill issue” wasn’t what bothered me (people are just sick of fishe and the suspension was functionally a day, stop crying).

These did and I was giving people a break from fishe. You can kiss him tomorrow at 8AM.