Fishing in this game gets Silly


cool artstyle btw

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How it feels to fish up a colossal squid


just a friendly reminder that being able to hold up a giant shark from the depths is something that a level 3 castaway can achieve, meaning that it’s not a rare thing to see someone being capable of.

(a basking shark for example, something a castaway can hold, and the player can hold, weighs around 11,000 pounds btw.)

We can also jump like, 10x our height which is literally like, helicopter type feat, and also grab on to literally vertical walls and climb for extended periods. Not to mention the like, 5 minute ascension of a ~1k-2k meter mountain with only ~10 second breaks.

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me showing off the big squid i found that i will now eat in 5 bites

We need to rename the game to Built Different Odyessy