Fishing question

If anyone completed their fishing journal can you screenshot/tell worth and information(including type(freshwater/northern/etc) and time of day)

I’m using it to determine the absolute best fishing location and assuming AO doesn’t change too many fish, I could just ask someone who’s done a lot of the fishing journal again for galleon values.

(Ik you can’t fully complete it, I mean people who’ve got everything but northern fish)

I have not got all the fish but I believe the best fishing spot is definitely the southern ocean since you can catch sharks and giant eels that sell for hundreds of crowns and if you get giant or golden ones even more.

I prefer to use actual numbers as opposed to anecdotes

Alrighty hopefully someone can help in that case.

Oh wait, I just realized the info is on the WoM wiki nvm

There is no “perfect fishing location”, and plus, I wouldn’t waste so much time for crowns which are worth nothing even if there was.

After doing a ton of math I’ve found out that the best fishing spot in WoM is

Lake Argestes

Objective false, just found it

True it is useless though, but if fish stay I can use this information in AO.

This was actually 2nd place so good intuition but Lake Argestes is 1.28% better than Southern Ocean

This feels like a waste of time considering there’s hardly a difference in most spots

But at least I’ll know that Southern Ocean will be the best fishing spot in AO since there won’t be a Lake Argestes for Windfish to spawn