Flare tryna run potions only thread

even though my ass can’t keep promises and keep going on for a long time, I’ll still post about my adventures as potion only:

What I mean by potions only is:
Not tryna increase these
Nor try and use any abilities (Other than weapons/fists m1 if I have to but most likely prolly during the beginning with claws due to lack of damage (Excuse for doing 4 damage with throwing potions), limitations, etc though defo not against bosses/mini-bosses, types of m1’s I’d only use are things like wood/old, old katana for trees’n stuff)

also grinding up pinecones rn for adventure!!

oh boy (Paladin class, waiting for warden)

Potions forever btw!!
(Can’t live without magic jump sob)
(This is actually gonna be a file cuz OC!!)
(and buff throwing potions plz!!)

Rules of this run from me:

  • Must only main potions as much as possible against stronger beings/Weak begins
  • Can use weapons to grind-faster however you must only use old-weapons, can only use iron-katana to break stuff easier. (This is due to a test with potions from the beginning, it’d take up to much time and quantity of what you have for something against an NPC with 100 health)
  • Are not allowed to accept trades for regents/catalysts until perfect brewing and completing the story)
  • try your best to not get helped with bosses/re-do them if interfered (Not that major due to people coming along and killing bosses)
  • Must always uses potions against bosses
  • Can only use old-weapons on NPC’s as low as 300 health on the exception of shura and iris.
    or anything thats very strong such as sirens, atlanteans, ravenna high-tier guards, bossses, etc|
    Flare's Alchemy checklist - Google Docs

have fun with elius

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Don’t worry son
I’ve been training.

anyways gotta get on the grind for big man :sob:

claws are cute btw!!

finna got ship after 1.3hours :sob:

not even wooden claws gonna save the day
will my willpower last

also holy shit paladin with wind charge sounds nice asf

I somehow killed him with

24 mysterious
11 poison
and 2 sand

mysterious buffed him bro

it healed him 18+ health and turned him invisible :sob:

also realizing I started this grind at like 9:00PM woop


also wheres the hermit!!

(gotta look very closely)

Potion only gameplay footage:
Breaking Bad Bomb GIF - Breaking Bad Bomb Explosion - Discover & Share GIFs


It’s all fun and games until you turn king calvus invisible by accident

good luck. I’d recommend maxing jewelcrafting and brewing as fast as possible. air breathing gems will be of great assistance while trying to get potion reagents.

Only when i gotta use mysterious potions which is horrifying cuz i buffed hermit 5 different times :worried:

wouldn’t magic leaps count towards spells cast

Catria origin story:

yeah. he was saying he is sad he can’t use leap.

is trading for potion allowed? i can give u some, have a bunch of frost and other potions i never use lol

Until i get perfect so ill be suffering sob

damn, gl then

respect the commitment

wait is trading for regents allowed then

i have like, 200-300 frost conch lol

Rn im not accepting tegents/catalysts till perfect just so i completed it solo :fire:

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masochist grindset

game really wants me to use guns so they had to apply swift :sob:
mb guys I actually didn’t even hop on roblox till now!!

edit 14 minutes later:

This is a sign from the alchemist gods