Flaunting Ability Idea For Sound Magic

Flaunting Ability Idea For Sound Magic
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Perhaps, with sound magic, you can record the sounds of instruments and be able to play the recorded sound to others.

Here’s how it would work:

  • 1st - When pressing the toggle key which is the “Y” key, a small UI will show up in your screen. In here, you can choose “create recording” or “delete recording”.

  • 2nd - When you created a recording, it’ll create a new file on your list and when you click it, there will be options such as:

Record - A small red circle so that it’s easy to understand that it’s a button to record sounds. This one though, would only record other people’s instruments and not yours. Note that it’ll only record instruments.

Play - A play button in which when pressed, it’ll play the recording.

Pause - A double bar button that changes the play button once the recording is playing. It pauses the recording if the pause button is pressed.

Reset - A button showing two arrows circling to show that it’s to reset the sound. Of course this would give another warning that you’re about to reset the sound so that you cant accidently reset it.

Musical Note - A button so that you can record yourself playing an instrument. By doing so, you’ll be brought to instrument mode and it’ll start recording once you pressed a note key.

  • 3rd - When deleting a recording, there will be a warning that says it’ll delete [the file number], so that you cant accidently delete it.

That’s pretty much it. This idea had the idea in mind that there are times that you wont get to meet the person who played an instrument amazingly but you would like to hear their music so pretty much those with sound magic can live and work as a recorder of musicians and have people to pay them to play a recording. I guess you could say they can make use of sound magic as another job, isnt that amazing, using magic as a job?

so could i play this?

Yes if you could convert that into a sheet music and play it with an instrument in game.

ok cool, actually a pretty nice suggestion. Don’t know how practical it is though

It shouldnt be too complex since it’s similar to other games’ music playlist function. If I remember correctly, there was a script that I found wherein you can add a music file on a list and have the chosen file to play.

At least I can give stars for the effort now…
Because yeah it’s way too complex for basically a useless spell of a hard to obtain magic

I can see sound magic’s flaunt being linked to instruments, but surely it wouldn’t be a lot more than raising the volume of your instruments while flaunting or changing their sound. I guess the flaunt itself could be playable like an instrument, but a whole recording system with a list and able to record others is too much.


so if i dedicate myself, i can do this?
let’s go i can rickroll people fully now

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Well, having the sound magic flaunt as another way to play an instrument when you can obtain instruments easier than obtaining sound magic kinda ruins it. I would like to atleast give lost magics a somewhat unique flaunt given how they’re harder to find. But sure, vetex can discard this idea if it’s too complex.

Tape Recorder.

Well that also means spending a lot of development time on something hardly any player will see

Should sound get this much effort put into it? It just seems too over the top when we can just use instruments

Not just sound though, if possible, lost magics should atleast have more unique flaunt corresponding to their rarity. True you can just play an instrument but what if the person who has sound magic cant play said music that the other person is playing and what if there’s a band playing a music but you werent there to listen or even when you’re lazy to play the whole music sheet manually but you want to let people hear your song. With sound’s flaunt, you can record those and play it to others.

The fact that 14 people actually fell for that is amazing


Less than ideal audio tracks on roblox:
Hello there.
What I was acting with this is that some people on roblox have some… not very ideal soundtracks in hand. I love the idea of rickrolling people in AO, but that one aspect is holding me off from voting it.

its 20 now

Too complicated for a feature that would only be available for people who absorbed the magic.