For all my 1.12 berserker/warlord/warlock/jug enthusiasts

What is your favorite change coming out of 1.12?

Also what will be your fighting style choices when 1.12 is released?

For me it’s basic combat and thermo fist.

either the change of agility affecting lunge type moves’ distance or the agility focus option

Cannon fist buff lets FUCKING gooo

not a berserker but thermo fist all the way :smiling_imp: (no homo)

maybe cannon fist too because baller

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Sailor fist being a good option for berserker as I love the aesthetic

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The Cannon fist user I pulsar’d when I had magma

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Will stick to my guns (basic-boxer) since the dmg and speed buffs would make my speed demon berserker more potent for crash & m1s :BOSS:

hoping the damage buffs will let me make my Juggernaut file not suck as much as it does right now

Pretty much all sailor/cannon fist changes

Sayin it as a warlord

balling even harder

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