For the 9271837th time I am convinced that Roblox is stupid

I didn’t post anything for about less than a month.
Well this will be discussed in another topic. Let’s get to the point.

Look at this screenshot.
Roblox audio update gone too far. As we can see, Roblox moderated the audio. Word moderated in Roblox language means that it violates Terms of Use (which are crap).
And look, the audio is made by the Roblox!
They banned their own audio. Seriously?
Roblox, we know you’re a trash, but do you have dementia? You are banning your own items, because they “violate TOS”? But why then you make them?
This is one more proof that David Baszucki and other his henchmen are the most weirdest people in the entire world.

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its about time they started, have you seen some of the weird stuff they uploaded?

No, but I am going to investigate Roblox now

When your moderation team/algorithm is so inconceivably trash that your own audio is getting banned

I detected it at first time I opened studio, but an interesting thing:
*Roblox supports authoritarian regime, because roblox is the authoritarian regime. Why? Every item made by Roblox, which you can find in library of items, are marked as “high quality item”. Even if they aren’t good. However, you can find a lot good free models in roblox without viruses and lags. But veesery rare not Roblox-made items are marked as high quality.


I got an idea. If someone has 100 robux, we can make a group in roblox named “ra ra riot”/“opposition” (or something else), where we post proof that roblox is dumb. If we’ll have a huge amount of people in this community, Roblox won’t dare to ban us.
Also funds in group where we donate bobux if we can, to get more proofs and make roblox better. (It is possible only if roblox fires every his workers and hires new, better workers. P.S. - engineers and programmers aren’t that bad in roblox)

Well, I am not very seriously. But it’s still an option!

A bit true…

Not gonna happen unfortunately, that’s the pinnacle of optimism. Roblox is a huge company that only cares about money, they won’t give into a small group of forumers and their petty protests

Heck, people have been protesting against what they do for years. Others have done bigger things than that. What does Roblox respond with? Nothing, and they continue to devolve

The moderation is so bad that they moderated themselves. The turns have definitely tabled

Remember a while ago when Roblox accidentally uploaded NSFW audio, then deleted it and changed the ownership of the audio to some random account

totalitarian regime instead?

Heckuwing is always an option

And I said I am not very seriously

wow took you this long to find that out

Not the entry point music

I told this a lot earlier but now I am starting saying it everywhere

Yeah… But new soundtrack is not so bad

Roblox like money but only think short-term. If they think long-term they could probably make even more money.

Then I need to think how to make them lose money they to improve Roblox and make players happy

this reminds me of the time that they uploaded something called “hot nights (A)” and it sounded like bgm for a porno and also it had moaning in the background or smth
I don’t think roblox makes them but they hire a company to use their music or smth so sometimes slip-ups happen