FORUM REVIEW by an anonymous forum user


TL;DR OF THE TL;DR : Community’s pretty good, there are issues with how we treat one another though.

TL;DR : The forum is a prime example of Sturgeon’s Law which is due to a good chunk of the community acting or actually is around 12-14 (of course, not every 12-14 year-old acts like this) - where lazy or “Reddit” humor seems to be a main source of comedy in the community to the point of the same “joke” being made over and over. Another side-effect of a seemingly immature audience would be the constant bickering and arguing that seems to breed a layer of air of pride and hostility which then accumulates into a post like this. But, in that 10% of Sturgeon’s law, you get those quality posts that shows the community’s better side with humor, art, and general camaraderie that gives a forum like this a personality and a value whenever such quality arises.


HUMOR : Repeated jokes or referring/creating a meme seems to be the most common style of jokes on these forums (few examples are brrrrr, 69420, or posting reaction images/gifs, etc.) Of course, some of these jokes actually work and can create something funny. Other times it’s just a monotonous mess of posts thinking its funny just because it’s fitting in with the trendy or popular memes that are well known. But in those times OF original humor… it just completely falls flat. But those rare instances of an original joke that’s funny where I blow air out of my nose, those are something special. Then it’s right back into the sludge of it all, but with something of value. Of course, with a forum with hundreds of members or so, I don’t expect comedians popping out bangers, this is just my opinion, so keep on trying to make jokes. Because if the Infinite Monkey Theorem teaches us anything, it’s that it’s bound to be funny. Except brrr or funny number posts, those are never funny because it’s never done right.

DISCUSSION : Discussion on a public forum is something special. You get to interact with people that follow the same community as you so you can have conversations about shared interests. But that’s not always the case. Usually, the discussion posts with the most interactions and replies are the ones with an all-out war that’s happening in it. With two parties attacking each other for having the wrong opinion until it eventually just dies. There are posts with questions that ask people what their thoughts or opinions are on a certain topic, which then also results in two parties attacking each other but usually for off-topic reasons. There are actual discussions, but those discussions are usually short and sweet. The main posts that attract the most attention, is either an actual post from staff or some controversial bait post that’s about ethics or morality in a kid’s game.

MODERATION AND PUBLIC OPINION : Not really about the forum community per se (which is why it’s not in the TL;DR) so this is just an extra treat that allows me to discuss things. In my opinion, I think there’s a bit of a lack of response in terms of community v. moderation. Especially in the Site Feedback section, which is there to communicate with staff. However, we barely see any response, it’s usually one-sided. Furthermore, there’s a general consensus of things (minimum character limit, roleplay category) that seems that the community has a majority agreed-upon opinion and suggestion of change, that gets ignored by moderation, and usually, the community takes action in their own hands. The only moderator I see on the site is Meta who usually just acts as a referee during heated arguments.


If you didn’t read this, that’s fine, my opinion doesn’t really matter. If you did read this, thanks, but my opinion doesn’t really matter. I won’t really reply since this account has a reply limit and I don’t want to ruin a discussion with it. And if you’re curious why I am being anonymous, it’s not because I don’t stand by my opinion but rather I believe an identity would create a skewed view for the reader if there are any grievances or opinions they have on me.


0/10, you didn’t include my theories as quality posts

…you sure?

The playerbase for this game is like 15+ But other than that nice review. This forum is basically the discord but slightly smarter.

Everyone here is just reddit but less reddit moment

haha! it was MY post they used!

Also, I think you summed up the gist of the community with actual substance and references that clearly present themselves as you’ve described them. Cool stuff. Also, I think the main age range is 14-16 (maybe 17-19 but that’s less common).

welcome to the forum…

I don’t think you can get very far expecting good things from a Roblox forum

Actually, I expected less, so it’s a pleasant surprise.

I do admit that my experience here has been a lot more tolerable than other places I’ve hung around in, I just hope it gets better or doesn’t get worse

my thread wasn’t used
nvm it was, i just shitposted because i felt like it

dw i shitpost on a daily basis

this is all wrong, the entirety of this forums culture revolves around WAX

around there, yeah

Between this post and the rule changes I feel like it’s in the interest of someone to “Iron” out the forum if you will. Not a bad thing I guess, I’m in no place to judge.

The date they say this is gonna take effect is the 21st. That’s about a week from now. If we have any more s___posts guess we better make them now…


I feel mixed about this. The new rules seem to trade off some of the personality of the forum for stricter moderation. At least it’ll handle the increasing drama, though.

i dunno about you but, i like this place way better than the discord server…no offense vetex

I doubt he’d be offended since it’s not like he even likes most of the people in the disc

@JUMBO This is your alt, why are you creating alts and feeding it with your own content.


??? Not my alt. I use Opera VPN because I know how you mods work.

This is a pretty thorough review with all the links to the posts. It seems like much effort has been put into this post. Let me comment on a few things though.

Actually, the character requirement was reduced for posts from 20 to 10, and the roleplay category now has more moderators and users that manage it. It may still not be very active but I expect that its activity will pick up again at some point when there is more content in the game.

There are quite a few active moderators such as me, @LittleShrekSheep and @anon85429269 who take care of flags behind the scenes. They also help out with other stuff on the forum (such as the rules), and polar moderates the Discord as well.

The new rules aren’t as strict as they seem. Most of the rules result in feedback when broken so that users can learn rather than immediately face punishment.

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