Forum tierlist #4049

wow guys another tierlist who cares anymore

this is based off how much they add to the forum and just how much I fancy them or don’t, the more to the left = the more I like them

Actually enjoyable

Absolute best forumers in my opinion, just honestly top tier

Kandy, probably one of the realest forumers on the platform and quite logical, also lacks the heavy bias so many forumers have, easily the forumer I respect most.

Level, also a lot like kandy in many qualities, but also has a lot more arguments which can all be entertaining, though I feel like Kandy is just a tiny step up to him, though still I respect this user.

Indubitably decent

Forumers here I usually like a bunch aspects about them, generally most users here are only slightly apart

Michaeltxt, cool guy and fun to banter with, don’t what else to say really.

Drip_god, one of the few users who are just as petty and cheeky as me which makes it fun to banter with the fellow.

Misinput, although an aussie, might actually be the only user cheekier than me, and as much as I’d like to put her in “Weirdo” I have to be honest and put her here.

Nuclearman7, all round nice and helpful guy, also pretty logical and is part of the handful of forumers you can actually have an intellectual debate with, a solid indubitably decent.

NoBanana, also one of the more logical forumers, has also put out lots of useful information in the past, a shame they aren’t active anymore.

Mrnormalbox, fat.

UvadinVeliki, much like NoBanana, he’s one of the more logical forumers and also quite helpful in many aspects.

SavageDevilijho, also like NoBanana and UvadinVeliki, is more part of the more logical forumers and has solid opinions and not much bias.

Okay I guess

Forumers here I appreciate some aspects about them, but not as much as those in “Indubitably decent”, still a solid ranking

Ultra, very close to Indubitably decent, just lacks a certain…something, I dunno.

Broly, although he’s my homeboy, I have to be as unbiased as possible and give the realest rank, he’s pretty cool though some of his posts aren’t…that great, still a solid rank and almost an “Indubitably decent”.

SavageWind, was a likeable forumer though just stopped being active.

Drama, solid opinions and goofy fellow, though some of his posts are big L’s which is why he’s not quite in “Indubitably decent”.

Starfordays, do I really need to say anything :pensive:

Cryonical, cool user I suppose, though I just find him generic at times.

bikbok, bikbok forever!

Derp, barely in “Okay I guess”, because well, he’s just Okay I guess.

Mid as fuck

Most forumers here I just find ehhhhhh, not too bad, not too great; a median ranking.

desired_bag, I like this forumer a decent amount though, some of his opinions are just L’s. Barely not in “Okay I guess”.

Flare, as of late has just been making the same posts, probably would rank higher if this were to be made a while ago.

bacon_creator, probably the first forumer I interacted with after I joined, he was cool, but near the end of his ban his posts became repetitive, which is why he isn’t ranked higher.

HereIsDan, I dunno really, Just Dan’s here.

Camreeyan, user just feels mid, nothing too crazy, but probably unfair to put them here since they are still new to my knowledge though they are a regular so.

tetragon_fortress, nothing much to say honestly, doesn’t do much for me, just mid.

BNTarwarn, I’ll be honest I’m not exactly very keen on this user nor really any artists really, though there are few posts which have decent redeeming qualities to them, so a mid it is.

jubileesucks, was never really a big fan of this user either every post just felt dull, though they had some decent views on certain things, so a decent mid.

Crystalys, user tries too hard to sound quirky and edgy, lowkey gives bootleg jubileesucks vibes aswell, just an okay mid.

wvalkw, this forumer was cool when they were new, stopped being enjoyable as time went on due to spamming the same old posts over and over about mud magic.

The_elment, user doesn’t really add nor do much for the forum, and can’t really bring myself to give a higher ranking and be a narcissist, so when in doubt, middle it out.

64arc, not much to say, just “there”.

Hat, was pretty cool a long time ago, though over time has just become a ghost really.

You exist

Forumers here, as the ranking implies, just “exist”. (Important note: being placed here doesn’t mean I necessarily dislike you; just that I don’t find you that yknow…“impactful”)

CoffeeAndNums, user is actually pretty cool and Imo under appreciated though just overtime has become not active at all and barely does much of anything.

LichDaDerp, don’t have anything to say really, just a solid “You exist”.

LoganOfGrain, fella just posts bizarre memes, not many comprehensible sentences come from him.

DavisTheEman, bro just doing his own thing, respectable.

Vitorgue, maybe I placed this forumer too low, but I’m not gonna remake this list for the 13th time so, I guess that’s that.


(Not in the sense that I will say very bad things about him, just if I say anything slightly negative about the dude I know he’s gonna flip out)

TheoreticalExistence, dunno really, this person has just become very inactive and not doing much so maybe if they would to be more active I’d rank them higher.

Pip_zog, don’t know too much about this forumer, though from what I can tell he didn’t really seem like a bad person.

The rest don’t need explanations, this topic isn’t meant to offend anyone, though I don’t think that’ll fully stop anyone from being offended. Yes I am indeed biased towards traders and I’m not afraid to admit it :triumph:

Stupid ass topic but I took too much time making this to scrap it


Where am I! :frpensive:

i cant do every single forumer bro

id probably place you at high Okay I guess or lower indubitably decent

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Hurrah! :man_dancing:

Neutral stage
I accept this.

I appricate it

I feel like some people will want to get revenge on me or some shit for placing them low so here’s the template for the 3 people who give a fuck

For all the people wondering where WAX is on this tierlist, he is so high that he is off the frame :nod:


WAX would actually probably place in the middle of “You exist” or very low “mid as fuck”

Congrats on putting me in the correct spot

Just remembered that the PFP I had when this was made probably got replaced prior to you coming to the Forum so it’s understandable why I’m not there

I change em often

i adore all of you equally no matter how much you’re going to backstab me :hugs: :hugs: :skull:


yeahhhhhhh lets just say thats the reason why :innocent:

i totally didnt make this tierlist myself and hand picked people from the regular section and perma banned

I am existn’t

ffs bro it took me like 2 hours to make just that (mainly since i had issues and kept forgetting to add certain people so had to remake it 90 different times) aint no way i was gonna do like every regular

i would put you at i dunno high-mid “you exist” (the irony !! :joy_cat:)

I exist

every fucking tierlist and every fucking time someones opinion of forumers come up
im told that im there
(omega is also there and is winning)