Forumers are weird and diverse

some forumers are…

the helpful experts (of the game/regulars)
the comedy people/non skill issue clowns
the artist
the dhar arcane
the deep ones (possibly similar to the dhar arcane ones)
the straight A student
the future roblox dev
the criminals (DarkLordDurza, twoleggedabomination, Krizilax)

hearing their backstories is so fascinating. forumers are weirdly cool.

ive noticed some forumers are going/gone through rough situations and i hope u get better…


who dis

And I’m that one guy who blends into the background.

The only werid peopel here are those fuckers who dont belive that suncry is there lord and savior.

I’m glad that we agree


yeah “comedy”

I think I know who this is, I am not sure though. :/

It’s me, isn’t it?

your mom too

The only ‘werid peopel’ here is the guy who can’t fucking proofread his messages for errors before sending them.

Go back to primary English Class and learn the difference between Their, They’re and There.
Not to mention the awful spelling of “weird”, “people” and “believe”.

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whats dhar

dhar mann but arcane

and u think i know what dhar mann is

He makes “life lesson” videos like “This man treated his maid wrong, what happens next will SHOCK you!” or “Bully mistreats girl with cancer, instantly regrets it!”

They’re pretty popular but they’re also pretty cringey as well

Ay thx, I hope things are going well for you too. And if they aren’t, I hope they go well for you in the future.

I am comedy

oh wait i forgot to add 1 type: future roblox devs

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could’ve just said dhar-cane

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yeah good alternative