Found this, aand im vibing now :nod:



download time


i am speed

Much vibe

What genre is this? Is it some new Avantgarde genre invented quite recently?


Lo-Fi: Beats to study/commit war crimes to


imagine hearing this and watching a city blow up

Is Lo fi a new genre?

i dont think so…

Oh thought it was going to be a new lofi remix of pure imagination but it was the same as the one that I already heard.

Either way, any remix version or cover of pure imagination always has good vibes.


honestly i cant tell the difference

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Oh yeah, you can vibe with this as well:

It’s hella soothing and a good arrangement.

i vibe :fr:

Wouldn’t be surprised if that actually happens, some people can’t go without Lo-Fi

oof, lo-fi isn’t my type of music so I guess more for all of you

aw rip

Perhaps you’re more into anti-lofi which is rock.

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I love gentle relaxing music and intense rock music. I don’t have a definite favourite.

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