[FREQUENTLY UPDATED] Arcane Odyssey Media Document 3.0 (continuation of flare's media doc)

look closely.

Vetex said that the AO protag is more neutral and not leaning towards good and bad

corruption, wrongful imprisonment

Sunset on Harvest Island + Fog Day
islands and environment

Google drive is acting up

going to check back after a few hours to see if the videos work

second one too largre file

not the gravity coil :skull:

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The ship textures make this game look so good and so different

Can’t wait to become beyblade in AO.

wet wood texture goes hard lemme tell ya

the abilities folder sure is filling up

pole: should i add my funny little video to the folder
  • yes
  • no

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added 2 older ones

1st is in sharks folder, 2nd in badges and not ingame folder


i have added this video, along with the arena theme and insanity tier 1 effects to the folder.

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im guessing vetex uploaded a new patreon what was it?

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they’re really good

:frcryin: :frcryin: :frcryin:

seen that but is there naything new on the discord

theres now thermo fist and shipyard gui showcase

oh shit i didtn evne see that one