Funny snare clips

this spell is honestly so dumb man I love it


earth magic looks pretty good compared to what it was in wom

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I mean it was still viable in WoM , PvPheads just couldn’t get enough of shadow wind and glass

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main reason I didn’t pick it was purely visuals but now maybe ill make a build with it idk as for the snares the hitboxes are so goofy lmao

what even is this spell genuinely

what is that font :skull:

why is the damage so bad :frcryin:

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63 power btw

wow that is stinky dogshit tier damage jesus I feel bad

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vitality is getting nerfed btw gotta love testers

wow okay that’s dumb af :fr:

what’s the nerf

health regen doesn’t scale w max hp anymore so half the reason to go vitality is gone

bro what the fuck

why are testers trying to make vitality garbage

I thought the point of being a tester was to balance the game

high hp makes fights last too long and half of the testers are all fast builds w lower damage so the fights take too long for them, that’s about it

it’ll probably be ok w spirit weps but until then it’s absolutely useless after this change

bro this is not how you go about balancing something

so basically the testers were just annoyed since their build got countered and they went on to completely ruin vitality.

Ngl, it really does not feel unique now from the actual weapons stat.

tester bias is always gunna be a thing, I get it from their point of view ig even tho I’m a lil salty about it

vitality and hp stacking are not strong at all but they’re boring, so they’re gutting it to make it an easier and quicker fight. not like anybody aside from me is complaining, vitality hybrids make up maybe 1-2% of all players in the game, if not less. nobody on the tester team likes or uses vitality so there’s really no protest to nerfing it

okay but that’s also a huge issue in of itself

I don’t think making like 4(I think) builds be untouched by the community since they’re so dogshit is very “balanced and fair”

I thought vetex was all about “making everything fair and letting the player pick how the want to play without making them at a disadvantage for a certain style or build they want to create”

I mean isn’t that why he basically gutted synergies?

It just feels like these insane vitality nerfs make it not fun or fair, or even unique enough from the actual weapon stat (like I said before)

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remember how balanced pulsar was

are you saying testers made it unbalanced?

I’d be perfectly fine with this change if it came with the release of spirit weapons, but it’s so unneeded now and is gutting some of the worst builds in the game even further. I don’t understand the sentiment, but hey. I’m a paladin main, maybe I’m the biased one.

I’m sure spirit weps will be different enough from actual weapons to provide a unique distinction and a fun playstyle. until then, though, this change is throwing Paladin, Knight, and Juggernaut even deeper into the gutter. it’s legit just kicking these builds while they’re down. I don’t agree at all with the balance sentiment of “this will be a problem in the future so we should make them unusable now” when the HP regen change could just have easily been made whenever spirit weps do get added