Future.... of the sand biome and more powers

Ok! i’m back with new ideas, for the next update of maps and places for the desert parts Vetex should add a new type of enemy: Sand Muggers they travel in packs and have a connection to sand, are immune to any sand attack but are super weak to Light, Snow, Ink, Electricity and Explosion (the rest of magics are useful on them ofc) there could also be a new type of outposts, Sand Outposts a place where your in war with them that desert in its pure center would be an effect that it would be a sand storm blur where you can’t see anything, that’s what it leads to another thing Sand Titan, an old pharaoh that was cursed because of its selfishness and became the only thing that feared him more than death, being ugly so he takes his anger out by attacking you a new boss for the storyline!

now new powers: i only know about Phoenix power, but i have some ideas:

Storm (not like lightning) you can control the climate
Dark Matter

i’m back!!

so with storm you can make tornadoes?

Storm already exists so Possibly Weather Magic Primordial?

maybe with the super art at level 100 yes!

yes!! that sounds good

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