General Interest Poll

Up to 4 choices, just want to know what people would be interested in.
Anything regarding the official WoM might carry over to AO, but I don’t know for certain.
Not sure about the last three options, just random stuff I thought of.

  • WoM Data Compilation Docs (Dialogue, New Headlines, etc)
  • WoM Random Facts (Trivia, NPC info, etc)
  • WoM Miscellaneous Guides
  • WoM Remake Development, Updates, and Other Content
  • Cat Photos?
  • Random WoM NPC Pictures
  • Other (Comment)

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are you planning to create the entire map of WoM?

and how to magic visuals look as of now?

First question, yes. Though right now it’s a slow process, and I’m mainly doing the scripting for the game. A different person is in charge of building the map.

Magic visuals look… mediocre. Haven’t been focusing too much on visual design, mainly function. So think glowing circle with particles.

(when I mean the entire map, are you planning to create all the other planned unbuilt areas and implement in all the cultures left out? like doomryians and keihatsu and whatnot?)

can I see some magic visuals lol

Yeah, we’re planning to add the unbuilt areas later on, as well as cultures, though it’s still extremely far from that right now.

As for visuals, I’ll send those momentarily.


(crystal and earth pls)

(or every single magic if possible)


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Alright, I’ll get to that soon, have some computer problems at the moment

Here you go, pretty bad like I said. I don’t have the meshes that magics like crystal and earth use so I have to just settle for basic spheres.
Random fact, but the third image’s background is actually randomly generated terrain. It was supposed to be a photo of the beam spell but I guess roblox’s screenshot delay took too long.

wow that’s rough, but cool nonetheless

you plan in the future to make WoM’s spells like AO visuals?

do posts about your life in WoM and AO and also about cat people.

+1 for cat pics, didn’t have enough vote space

I think I’d rather stick to the current WoM spell appearances, rather than try to incorporate AO’s as well, at least as of now.

WoM gameplay is fairly mundane at this point, I just go around and collect data or do stuff with NPCs. But sure, I guess, if you’re interested. AO might be more interesting, I suppose.

As for the second part… Not sure what you mean by that.

find and murder furries in your neighborhood.
or WoM

Going to have to say no to that. Especially as I don’t PvP.