Give me Magic Limb spell

Why Magic limb lost spell is neccessary

Just grow a new arm

thought of suggesting this but maybe when we use healing potions made with exotic reagents or higher perhaps we could regenerate limbs as a lil immersion feature

that is already a thing tho

I mean like showing the limb actually regenerate and grow when we use the potion . I meant to put a gif in the og reply but it keeps failing to embed lol

that sounds cool in concept until you realize watching your lego figure looking ass character grow back their lego arm is kinda lame and boring

not if it looks even vauge similar to this

You already do that, as well as with Tier III Lifebloom Healing potions.

oh fr lemme see :eyes:

Oh wait tier 3 works too? I have been using tier IV this whole time.

The Healing III or stronger potion:

Yeah, turns out that wasn’t planned, it’s in the game right now.

IKR :sob:

Thats why we wear armor dear captain

Yeah, armors were invented to not lose a limb when fighting Zeus

Bro hates me more than Prometheus himself