Give music ideas

I wanna hear what you guys have to say, and I kinda feel like I could combine making fan music for AO/WOM and putting together a “professional” video for my final lmfao.
Vote here if you would like and I’ll either make the one with the most votes or make the comment I think seems the most fun.

What should I make
  • Bell Village
  • Ironport
  • Castilan Shore
  • Redwake
  • Something else (comment below)

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Making a boss theme would probably be the most fun for me, idk about you but you could definitely give it a try.

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perhaps :flushed:

make a bell village disstrack

poor bell village LMAO

I agree with Uvadin, make a boss theme. I’d love to see what you could do with that going off of ur amazing riverville theme :pray:

Trap Castilian Shore

I have a small idea for that, I might combine redwake and the boss theme lmao

bell village love.


“bell village” + “love” cannot be a combination of words in a sentence. It’s false and unreasonable.

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how could you notfunny

Riverville :nod:

Already done big man: [Song] Riverville - #28 by ChronosZel

do bronze grasslands
thats all i have to say, i just need it ok