Give options for weapon or fighting style idle animations

Give options for weapon or fighting style idle animations
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different weapon idle animations


Just a bit of a small, low effort suggestion, but I think it would be neat to have different ways for players to hold weapons, as it would add a bit of variety. This could be hand-picked by the player, or it could depend on the “build type.”

Reason to add/change

  • would add a bit of cosmetic variety
  • just another cool detail i guess

the reason i don’t think custom weapon or fighting style animations as a whole are a good idea is because I think something like this should be cosmetic, and not affect gameplay.

possible ideas:


  • (for a build like conjurer) weapon in one hand, some sort of flaunt in the other hand (like an orb of the player’s first mind or something)
  • weapon slung over shoulder
  • holding it sort of outstretched and shakily
  • dragging the weapon behind you
  • holding a one handed weapon with two hands
  • holding the weapon in a reverse fashion (like how daggers are sometimes portrayed)
  • holding the weapon by the blade
  • one hand outstretched with the other hand holding a weapon behind the back

fighting styles

  • hands shaking
  • hands partially blocking the user’s face in a cowardly sort of manner
  • arms or legs encased in magic

maybe animation packs could have unique idle weapon holding animations?


Yes. This can also work for professions. If your a cook you can start flipping a pan or if your a merchant/auctioneer you can toss a coin.

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…With a weapon in your other hand? Or else, we need a frying pan as a weapon first

Tossing a coin could work I guess, as long as it only happens a few seconds after you stopped moving or something. You could stop holding your weapon in a fighting stance, toss a coin with your other hand and grab it back, then go back to a fighting stance

edit: added fighting styles to the suggestion as well as one more suggestion for weapon animation

The last one of the idle animation ideas with the magic invading their legs and hands, I don’t think it’s a good idea seeing as we’re getting the magic leg spell thing

yeah true
it wouldn’t be fully magic tho just an aura

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