Goodbye Percy

Hope he gets well. Also stop messaging on your alts on vetcord dude you won’t get well by speaking in that fire dumpster.

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guild drama


it wasn’t drama it’s just percy left and he got bullied by guild members.

I hope he gets help in whatever he’s going through even if I don’t know the full story.

Though he may be banned off the forums since he did admit to being Mr.Steve so possibly R.I.P. Percivale Barion ;-;

:pray: may tigerbaby123414 save us all :nod:

normal teenage shit overexaggerated

I didn’t even do anything bad lol, all I did was give exper a custom role

Who is Mr Steve

fucking hell man RIP

can’t trust anybody other than tigerbaby123414 now


You gave him femboy role

hello there

ok (dnc)


Wait Percy was Mr. Steve…?

Percy is really nice in-game though, and Mr. Steve was so vile.


He got to be edgy on the other acc lmao

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Was Mr. Steve just a troll account, or something for him genuinely to use to be edgy?

Probably genuine edge, its common knowledge that Percy is no stranger to being an edgelord

Ouch. That doesn’t do well for my respect for him.

Dudes literally talking to himself

Well this is my last message.

Okay yes I admit to being mr steve. Mostly an alt to let out anger I would’ve got clowned on for expressing in my mind.

I am simply taking a break from the community for a few months. I’ve come to an understanding that at this state and with what’s happening in my personal life

(House fires, Grandpa dying, Two of my sisters going crazy, grandma going to a mental hospital, etc.)

That if I kept being in this community I would lose my mind and just be the next laughing stock.

Just know that I appreciated every single time I spent on this community and you’ve moved me.

And this isn’t goodbye forever. I’ll be back on october after my therapy and getting… well. The help I need.

@Kandy I apologize to you and everyone else for acting like an asshole that time. I was in a very sad situation and didn’t want to just ignore everything.

Everyone deserves an explanation and this is mine.

That’ll be the last from me.




Thank you.

And one last thing.

whyd you have to expose me like that bro? :frcryin: