Got that covid

Earlier in a topic I mentioned i had a fever, nausea, runny nose, etc… WELL IT TURNS OUT I HAD COVID-19 AS I HAVE A POSITIVE TEST!

I still have my taste, W, but it’s hell man. I was shivering despite having a fever the day before yesterday, it was annoying. Then I threw up 3x! :hooray:

This morning I walked down my stairs to get breakfast. I immediately got light headed and started tripping balls.

I don’t do drugs. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink. I watch what I take in my body. But I think my brain just ignored my principles because I went LSD mode. All I saw was those colors that you see when you rub your eyes too hard. My vision remained like that for 2 minutes before I could finally see again.

weirdest shit of my life bro

get vaccinated this shit is so ass


Welp you likely won’t die.

fuck covid you need to become a farmer


my covid wasnt too bad
only lasts 2 weeks or so

both my brother and my mom (who both live with me) caught covid and somehow i didnt get it
not sure how

your luck. You have very high luck.

godlike luck is a recent thing

you were blessed by m̸̧̹̬̂̾̋i̶̙̩̠̬̇̓͆c̶̱̤̅̐͜͝h̷͚́̿̾à̷̗̂̏̔ẽ̵͗̚͜l̷̯͒