Grand Navy NPC Ships

Have some Grand Navy NPC ships patrol around looking for criminals, these will spawn in fleets of three. They could spawn within the radius of a major area. If a criminal is within a certain radius of that ship, they will pursue the criminal ship and try to sink it. These NPC Ships will be faster than normal ships. If the Grand Navy Fleet manages to sink the player’s ship, have some NPCs swim toward the player, and make the ship unable to spawn until the criminal is arrested. If the player dies in any sort of way, (resets, sharks, Grand Navy, other players, etc.) have them be arrested immediately and sent to the nearest prison.

this sounds more like a suggestion

then move it

also, i think vetex already has the grand navy planned out

yea, but its here

we don’t even remotely know how it’ll work yet


@macobre close, it was a suggestion moved from game discussion so it has 6 months on it

Timer ran out