Greek Influence

Alright, so, I believe some creatures could be taken from Greek Mythology and included in World of Magic. Arcane’s lore is just the real world but if the Greek Mythology was real and took an alternate route. Instead of Prometheus giving humans fire he gives them magic. We only know that the Gods have died but there are more than just the Gods, there are even beings more powerful than them. I don’t think some creatures could be put into WoM simple because, well, they could have died. Not only has two thousand years passed since magic was given to men but the world also had a major war and two global catastrophes; one killed 80% of the population. I don’t think some creatures, like the minotaur or the chimera, survived long enough. They could have though.

Now, I am by no means an expert on this topic. I don’t know if Vetex plans on using creatures/aspects/entities from Greek myths or using entirely new stuff. I am also not an expect on the Greek mythology, I am not an expert on Arcane lore. I know some stuff and then some but not every little thing so some stuff in here is bound to be incorrect. I’ll try my best to fact check myself but I cannot confirm this will be error free. These aren’t suggestions for what could be in the game, these are just stuff that could be in the game based on the fact that this an alternate version of the Greek Mythology.

tl;dr if you’re only interested in the meat of this, this is basically just a list of creatures or whatever that could be added to WoM since it’s an alternate version of Greek Mythology

1. Primordial Deities These are, in my opinion, the least likely thing that could be added to the game. These are beings above Gods, they gave birth to the things that gave birth to the Gods. These beings aren’t just rulers of something, they personify what they represent. Gaia isn’t Ruler of the Earth, she is the Earth. Uranus is not God of the Sky, he is the Sky. I could go on about other Primordial Deities but you get the point. These beings are far more powerful than Gods, Chaos is the only being stronger than them…in the Greek Mythology. In this lore there are beings also stronger than Gods, like Arthur the Cursebeard and Durza (Zeus < Prometheus < Arthur < Durza < Hades, fite me if you think Durza isn’t stronger than a God). Who knows, maybe some of the Unknowns are Primordials. Personally I think the Primordial Deities are above the Unknowns but who knows.

2. Typhon He’s not exactly a primordial himself but he’s no weakling. This is a monster that had once bested Zeus (but was later bested by him). He is the son of Gaia and Tartarus, two Primordial Deities. Typhon has been described as a figure who’s head could brush the stars, a winged beast that had hands reach from east to west and each arm protruded dragon’s heads. He could be a powerful foe for anyone and his presence alone opens the opportunity for more possibilities. Typhon is the father to many monsters in the Greek Mythology. Chimera, Cerberus, and Hydra are some of his children. If he were added it wouldn’t be far fetched if he had more children that the player could encounter.

3. Centaurs Stepping away from the more “can destroy a city by stepping on it” type entities, let’s go to something more basic. The Centaur. I could imagine this being a rare race more or less. Maybe the were killed by any number of events but personally I like to think they’re still out there, maybe under the protection of someone. Perhaps they’re strong warriors, xenophobic (or at least anti-human). The player can either earn their trust or become one of their enemies, it’s up for them to decide how they want to go about this. The Centaurs could also bring about interesting quests, like the player buying supplies for them.

4. Titans These bad boys are the former Gods before the Olympians. These bad boys were the (kind of) top dogs at the time. They could be coming back to reclaim their previous position, they could be coming back to destroy Gaia, who knows. What I do know is they have not been KIA, they’re MIA if anything. While the Olympians have (mostly) died, the Titans have not been confirmed to be killed. I’ll keep this short since my point for these is they’d replace the Olympians as Gods (if the Unknowns didn’t do that already, but they seem to be hands off so I doubt it).

Final statement
Realistically I doubt any of these, aside from the Centaurs, would be added to the game or lore (even if they’re already technically in). These are just some things that could be in the game and how they would affect the game. Primordials would most likely be a final boss, Typhon would be a major boss and be a source for other monsters, Centaurs would be a culture, and the Titans could be bosses too. Maybe you could serve a titan and gain power/buffs, who cares. There are tons of other entities and creatures that could be added but I really wanted to show powerful beings off.

NOTE: sorry if this is poorly formatted. I tried my best and personally I think it’s fine but if a mod+ wants to warn me for poorly formatting this I’ll gladly accept it. It’s a bit stuffed and it’s nothing major, so, I’m fine with it.


Frankly I like your ideas, but i feel like WoM should try something different. With how it’s currently going, I feel an addition of Egyptian Mythology would work well with it, with all the focus on Magic and weapons. And atleast it’s an interesting universe with good amounts of lore behind it.

I don’t know where it could be heading, personally though I feel like it’s trying to separate itself from Greek mythology and branch out to become it’s own thing. The Greek Myths would be the root but not the tree itself, if that makes any sense.

Glad you like my ideas though. I got plenty more to share but can never find a way to turn them into words.

Branching off from what Greek has, and constructing his own pantheon, or maybe bit even a pantheon but a different system altogether would be cool, although I feel like with Arcane Oddesy he might actually go a little Roman, which would be cool to see.

You have to be a troll. There’s no way you’re not realizing your Necrobumping all of these topics