Guild wallpaper feat. tobi's art

yeah tell me which one you think is the nicest

  • primary black
  • primary white

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the alt colour

i haven’t done any graphic related things in awhile but these turned out clean fr

felt like the one piece styled logo was really missing something until it got a circle underneath it

obviously this wouldn’t have been possible without my good friend Tobi’s amazing logo design which you can find here:-




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Like the black one a bit more, as it looks cooler and it is the “Black” Bulls after all.

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Oh no, I can’t decide. The white looks so CLEAN!!! But the black is also very modern and sexy. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I can’t decide. :frcryin:

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Just refer to your guild name


Took this, beat my head into my desk for 2 hours and made a wallpaper. If u have wallpaper engine and want to download it here are links

Normal: Steam Workshop::microsoft pain
With a funne effect: Steam Workshop::idk lol

Credit to Tobi and mars for the icon and wallpaper, I just made the things move

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I like black better. Also it looks like it’s from one piece nice design

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if tobi didn’t fix it up and make it actually look good our logo would’ve ended up like this

are u gonna change your guilds description too?

nah nah it’s aight the way it is

People who said white are racist :nauseated_face: