Guilds being reset

If u could bring a guild to AO with all infamy and stuff wich will u bring? i am just curious.

Recategorized to #guilds since I believe it belongs there.

As usual, my job is to keep the forums safe. I go out whenever there’s an accident.

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none of them

they all deserve the infamy genocide

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None of them. Period.


Arcane Maids and Church of yelling at puppies

Arcane Maids…? I’m very disappointed in you Rayhan. You’re getting a warn in Astria for this. :angry:

I’m joking. I’d obviously choose SunCry over Astria

I was gonna leave Astria anyways lol

And I know I will probably get kicked despite that being a joke

there’s long time i hasnt use forum i totally forgot about that thx anyway

I’m not in Astria or SunCry so I don’t really care.

As long as you don’t like femboy guild you’ll be fine. :nod:

Azure Sorcery or my solo guild Ashes of Calamity.

all guilds need an infamy wipe in my opinion

“The nice guild” it’s a guild made by tigerbaby who is the best at pvp in the game


tiger baby is actually insane bro

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all solo invisible guilds

they’re saviors