Guilds being wiped?

check Vetex Games’ server if u dont believe this is real



suncry about to turn from strong guild to new clan

suncry probably going to rise to the top in AO either way cause of the mass amount of players in it as well as some of their dedication

that is if whatever guild orion and visan are in doesn’t suddenly rise out of nowhere or are they no longer the best PvP fighters to date?

but yeah, suncry has a bunch of members, i can see that happening 100%

bro y’all acting happy and stuff that SunCry gonna down or something, but remember day 1 of AO there’s gonna be a storm of guilds fucking murdering every guild they see. First days of the guild update flashbacks man.

im not lol its my main guild :frcryin:

Non pvpers who are in guilds gonna struggle hard in AO

so we just have to commit another genocide

that’s what gonna happrn

oh fuck time to not play AO for the first month of release then :fr:

oh wait

i’m not in a guild

but what if those gankers also target guildless people for the sake of attacking?

Yeah. I just disbanded. If vetex is lying istfg… Anyways time to go back to my roots and start sending out invitations for AO. When we come back we’ll get our infamy back 5x as fast. or faster

This is what people should be like :nod:

damn suncry helios and acquire and black bulls must be malding heavy rn, and i dont even blame them

Leos the only one who seemed agitated. Everyone else in my guild is either unaware or chill about it. Personally im glad. No more alt farmers tryna alt farm their way to glory lmao

BigMan legit in Helios only active is malding, everyone else is disappointed but meh if AO fun whatever

Let the games begin.

its not like you got 300 something + ( if counted my lost infamy too, would be around 450 total) and i got it in 2 months so

Oh sweet lord jesus no.0000000

I probably lost more than you, I’ve been in like 5 leaderboards guild.