Guilds update HYPE!

Drawing me and my buddies hiding in the trees waiting for someone to pass by.
we don’t actually gank, pls don’t hurt

turn on brightness for mobile users.

Homework? NO
Grades? gone
Magic circles? @quest5 (ty)
Hotel? Trivago


I love the shading! :grin:


look at these teamers preparing an attack, also guild update hype ! !

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Trust level 4 and I’m still running out of likes :frcryin:


i sure do love going through good posts and having 0 likes left while not being able to take any likes back because haha funny button blocked LLLLL

nice art piece though

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i just realized that i need to like more posts
I’ve been saving up likes idk why

I had te sort of “too good/rare to use” mentality for a while

oooohhh now that’s a nice perspective shot that I don’t see often, awesome work

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w o a h, that’s hot

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LOL the sweat shaped like water on ur head is funny

swamp variation :ok_hand:

oh god I’m running out of likes

ganking image

I don’t do ganks i swear

that art piece says otherwise


Oh no…

Me: ok thats totally me when I try to kill someone

very epiko

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Thanks for drawing my WoM character.

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