Guys I think I just had a great idea maybe

Ok, guys so hear me out. MERCH. Like T-shirts and stuff for World of Magic. Maybe once every two weeks, we pick a new shirt design and have a contest for it. This would bring more attraction to the site and gives artists a chance to stand out. I would probably buy some tbh. What do you guys think about this?

Hrm, unless the designs are really something interesting, I don’t think I would buy merch. But I think that’s just because I’m poor

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tbh not much of a point making merch for wom since there’s just not… much of a point.
but if this idea really does end up getting implemented then artists would have to come up with new merch designs every two weeks, when they can just:

  1. be actually known on forums (and not just for good art or something they gotta talking too)
  2. make art (obv)
  3. get lots of likes on said art
  4. open commissions

boom ez money
overall not a bad idea but i personally don’t think merch should be a thing (at least just yet)

I don’t…
no please

I don’t think most of the artists here really actively do commissions to begin with
if you wanna do commisions rogue lineage discord fanart pays more

yeah that’s true
i just meant that it’s easier to be known on the forums for making art and stuff cause that could be a way to earn money in your own time instead of coming up with and making design every two weeks hoping you get chosen for making stonks off em

I wanted to but don’t know how and my art ain’t developed yet

this but wom. i would find it hilarious if there was wom merch ngl

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going on a job interview with my “i play world of magic on” shirt and instantly get hired


don’t forget the “sign up for free to play today!” part under that

maybe a shirts each with a different magic circle on them (in color)