(HALF-COMPLETE) Buying 914 Set

I am looking for;

  • full 914 set
  • dont care what level

I am offering;

  • two clean vasts


  • all the meta pieces i have (10 hats, 9 chests, 10 legs, 10 power ams, 2 defence ams all clean)

DM me; Misinput#1368
or reply to this topic
yada yada im sure youve heard this at least a thousand times

i still got the wiz shit. so if anybody wants to offer for it, lmk

can i ask what a 914 set is?

a meta set
feel free to check out my reddit post i made about them here

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(post deleted by author)

tell me which ones you want (equipped not for sale)

Any as long as its still a 914

yes im not smart (can’t do math), so tell me which equals 914

Two powerful three hard

k DM me when you’re on, I’ll take the two vast

why are you still play wom everyday @Misinput

return to reality

Could’ve asked me for one misinput

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