Halloween Event is Over

Give me all of your skeleton hats. Those shits were the hardest to get.

Welp i’m happy I got the headless head a few days ago

yee me too

Why get it early when you can get it last minute? Just get on the day it shuts down, which you dont know what time it does shut down, and praise the rng deities for a blessing. Its not like it will leave you stressed at the chance you might not get the item in time, I got mine 2 hours before it closed and definitely did not think it would have closed at any moment the entire time.

Thank you Vitorgue for your advice on getting the last item.

Moral of the story don’t procrastinate or you die

I got 4 death crowns

I’m happy but also disappointed with myself

I have achieved my longest procrastination and slept late for 2 weeks just to get 6 headless on my main acc and 3 headless on my alt acc

:slight_smile: :+1:

i didn’t even try in the event
my laziness got the better of me

i got LITERALLY every single halloween event hat EXCEPT FOR THE FIRST PUMPKIN and i literally spent 579 bait fishing for it, AND DIDN’T GET IT
i so badly wanted to get headless, but literally just hbghfhjhh