Happy late birthday averill

might as well mention it here

I haven’t figured out any clues to other aa character’s birthdays, so might as well bullshit a character’s birthdate just to celebrate their birthday :birthday: :partying_face:


might as well ping a fellow averill stan here

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Averill is my favorite Arcane character because I’m biased towards Light Magic

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time to shove Averill’s splash art to the front of my agenda

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woah averill art from liu?!???!?!?!?!?!?

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don’t jump on me about morden he’s still no.1

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i didn’t know we could make it this small i thot they changed that lmao

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shitty birthday to averill

chaos ensues

Light daddy

tyem abs

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oh really

yea you can even check 100+ days I’ve drawn him!!! do I look like I’ve been this devoted to other boys!!!

who know
maybe somewhere as someone you are doing that

I’d actually die if I’m that dedicated for TWO boys

okay but
how would you know if you havent try that

everyday I wake up only to be greeted by the world’s own dreadful existence along with my own existential pain that may be only eased by a few-

I mean I’m a lazy fuck so yea


and yet you are still doing all those stuffs for Morden… fine, i accept your simpness for him

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