Hard sunken sword, 2 vastiras, 2 minotaur sets (2 of each mino armor piece) for a swift sunken sword

its that time again give me items I want

Discord: tomithebosslevel#0452

Have fun and gimme swift ss smh

and if u tryna be hard to get I have other boss drops :3 just dm to know what they are

shit trade gg ez

Cmon that isnt very friendly. I see this person on servers a lot and they’re quite friendly.

If you think it’s bad, why not give some advice?

My piece of advice:
I think it’s an actual “fair” trade. Though, would need a couple more high value boss drops. Usually Exiled drops are valued more trading-wise. So buckle yourself up with an Exiled tracker and get farming!

Drama has no chill

also its not close to being a fair trade, boss drops barely add any value in sunken sword trades, especially minotaur gear. You would need to add sunkens for it to be fair

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tomi amnger


Man, now I have to be toxic

A Didn’t ask :troll:


no u

no u

no u

no thx



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