Has a magic ever been removed and then re-added

i want to know if there is hope for mud magic being re-added (otherwise i will quit roblox and the forums entirely once and for all)

To my knowledge, no.

Mud magic overrated btw


wait sht it was removed ???



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i dont think it was that bad of an idea its just pinheads memeing it to death even though it was never funny

So what magic are you setting your sights on now that mud magic has disappeared?

I dunno, a magic being lost specifically because nobody wanted it is pretty funny.

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wait i think i made that exact joke before shit :fr: if not then i thought about it

Mud will likely get replaced by something better. Be real, the only reason Mud was even relevant was because of its functionality. Nobody conceptually would want a Mud magic if there was another magic capable of the same thing.

The big aoe it likely would’ve had would’ve been nice too though
Cause most people assumed it was a combination of water and earth, two magics with 1.3 size affinity


broo the lucky new gens who would fish it up would’ve been so annoying

i actually like mud magic conceptually

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Nooo, shit magic!!

I did somewhat specifically want mud (due to some Naruto jutsu), but as long as it’s function is added, which vetex said would happen, it’s not that bad

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