Has anyone else's ping been doubled since the patches?

in most servers i’m in, i have around double the ping i usually used to get. i used to get around 40-100 in my own region before the patches, but now that they’re here, i get 100-200 ping in my own region, its like im playing across the country yet the server is just 1 state away

its totally not my wifi btw

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I always get around 140-300 but sometimes

No you’re not the only one. Can’t screenshot currently but my games in WoM have been
extremely slower.

tbh for me it’s not just WoM
it’s everywhere else
try in another RBLX game
might have to do with servers being crammed n’ stuff
it’s strange cause Minecraft works totally fine for me

Ping skyrockets at night for me while it’s perfectly fine in the morning

Its the opposite for me. I used to play a lot at night because It was summer break. But now that school has started I haven’t been able to play.