Has anyone heard the combat music for over 30 seconds in-game?

I haven’t since most of my fights are one and done since I deal so much damage. I’m curious if it is the same way for you guys.

Prob only when I was playing on a new file

I don’t think I have

I’ve only heard it that long when I was lower level and fighting bandit camps.

how long even is the combat music

I’ve heard it for like several minutes as me and a buddy proceeded to destroy the entire magic council tower with plasma and explosion, that was fun, fighting like 20-30 guards that were 20 levels above us

After 30 seconds it ends up muted even if the combat tag remains. I don’t think that bug where it stops playing sometimes has been fixed.

Heard it when I was intentionally dragging on the fight to see the different clash effects.

heard it when i was too lazy to fight an angry wizard and just held block while talking to a metalworker