Has something that isn't RL (I.E. Art, Music, Game, Movie, Etc.) ever made you cry?

Has something you ever seen are watched or heard ever made you cry IRL? personally I don’t really cry to things IRL but Final Duet (OMORI) made me cry pretty hard

I’ve finally decided to watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and I’ve been watching a couple episodes per day. The last two days have been quite depressing. Hasn’t really made me cry but was almost on the verge of tears.

For things that have definitely made me cry:

To Your Eternity (Anime)
Chinese Cinderella (Book)
One Piece (Anime)
Minecraft [(Game) Mainly Nostalgic Memories]
Castaway (Movie)

Not really no

cried the first time i watched iron giant.
not much after that ig

Me too.

Minecraft OST

I cry really easily.

One Piece definitely, basically every dramatic scene. Sword Art Online, FNAF, BNHA, random piano themes, pokemon (due to nostalgia) and when ash died, when I first joined broken AA after a while and heard the first sea music, the game Fran Bow, spirited away when haku was hurt, the list goes on.

unironicly squid game was emotional and actually really good. I usaully don’t cry when fake people die, but I did for squid

a lot of movies do, i cry pretty easily though. Jojo Rabbit and Kung Fu Panda 2 are probably my favorites though. If it was just the scenes I probably wouldn’t have cried as hard as I did with the actual music (or lack thereof) in the background.

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I’ve been broken so hard I don’t cry at media anymore

I only laugh

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one piece

i dont experience emotion sorry

watching Shadow died in Sonic Adventure 2

why would you cry to a game or music or art bro

I guess you wouldn’t understand people of culture

rogue lineage in its peak made me cry a few times mainly cus i was a bit young


Especially when I wiped my first CK Necro :sob:

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  • A Concerning Plot is very concerning
  • Nearly Demon Slayer (I was somewhat ready because of a certain roblox game)

basically wiping in a permadeath game

The first time I ever cried to something fictional was Pokemon Indigo Leauge episode 20 when Ash had to release Butterfree.

And then countless other shows followed, making me cry like a baby