Has this luck ever been achieved again?

it has to, maybe it hasnt been publicized


Yes…probably? Anyway a long time ago I got a swift sunken sword and a clean sunken chestpiece with a lucky bronze rod within about 80 fish caught of each other while I wasn’t even consistently fishing, I just decided to do it randomly. (Also when I enchanted the SC I got powerful on it)

Does this count?

It’s bursting, people only care about powerful and hard.
(For the most part, at least)

I use water. It makes making people wet way easier.

Personal preference is really what matters, not the “meta build”. So you do you.

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Fuck power/defense

Magic size all the way

<insert joke here>

Fuck every stat.
No stat means no draw backs!

there was one person that got a sunken sword in about 10 - 40 fishes caught, but it was a non-enchanted one

be happy with not getting anything good for the next 72 hours :troll:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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