Have you ever died while casting a spell?

Have you ever died while casting a spell? If so, what were your experiences?

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i was casting a spell,
then i died


nothing happens lol you just don’t cast the spell

not that I remember

A lot of bandits
It was on old wom so i every knife of bandits take 50 hp

back when fps dictated how casting speed was was in a 1v1 and toward the end of the fight i went from 32-35 fps to 12-14 out of nowhere and i basically held my blast for a good 5-6 seconds and then i died from my opponent who was somewhat fine cause i think it hit him too a little

wasn’t fun and very visually painful of dying fps and me standing there for a good 5-6 seconds

A player wanted my vastira and I said no and then they raged and fired a 20 blast
I was too slow to react and by the time i had my cast my magic i was dead lmao

First ever pvp fight:
I did a stupid and used a 15 barrage near the start and got obliterated before it ended.

if you die while holding a magic circle your magic energy will constantly drain when you respawn until you die

there was a bug back in the first guild update, there was a bug that would slowly drain your magic energy after you died while casting a spell. This happened to me once after some infamy farmer killed me.

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