Have you ever done something just to find out later you did it for nothing?


Let’s make this a thread of moments where you did things you later realized you shouldn’t have done/there was no point in doing that.

It can be in WoM, any game, or a real life situation.

Let’s see what kind of things you reply with.

I’ll start:

One day I remember I had an exam about a book, which I barely even read, for the next day. It was late.

I started to rapidly read through almost 200 pages of pure words, keeping in mind every detail of it. I finished the book in just an evening.

The next day I went to school…

…to find out, that the supposed exam, was fake, and it was a false rumor spread by my friends/classmates.

I felt like an idiot. Readed an entire book, in just some fucking hours, for a fake exam.

damn i cant even bring myself to reading a book
mf reads 200 pages of it in hours

at least you accomplished something

I did my chores before my parents asked only to find out there were more for me to do when they got back

Studying for a test that is only gonna be next year

bc my poopoo brain thought its gonna be tomorrow


Everything in my life so far cause im gonna die anyway